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The Medical Education Centre for Research Innovation and Training (MECRIT) successfully organized and conducted two weeks (2 modules of the total 4 modules) of Structured Research Methodology Training-Mentorship Approach (SRMT-MA) program for the Primary Eye Care Program (PECP) of Department of Medical Services(DMS), Ministry of Health (MoH); from 23rd August – 04th September 2021 at RKPO Green Resort, Punakha.

In general, the SRMT-MA training program was intended to orient, build and/or enhance research capacity of researcher(s) to undertake Operational Research (OR) mainly to improve evidence based planning and decisions for the heath care system. Notwithstanding, it is also anticipated to impart skills and techniques for undertaking the entire research process from conceptualization of research proposal to publication and dissemination of findings.

The module_1 of SRMT-MA introduced Mentees to the concepts of Health Research (HR) and its significance in making evidence-based decision/ interventions/ practices. It was anticipated to equip Mentees with knowledge on research process beginning from formulating proper research question; selecting and reviewing relevant literature; choosing appropriate study design to answer research question/s; selecting appropriate sample technique; determining adequate sample size; to developing effective data collection tools.

Furthermore, the Mentees will learn about different referencing style, including the use of selected reference management software. In the course of this module, the Mentees have developed or refined their existing study protocol under the guidance of their allocated/assigned Mentors.

The module_2 introduced Mentees to basic concepts of bio-statistics, provided hands on practice on the use of EpiData Manager and data management. In addition, Mentees learned how to use both EpiData Entry and EpiData Analysis (including EpiData Manager) to enter, validate and analyse data, and prepare for doing their own data collection, validation and analysis.

The training was attended by Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Eye Technicians and Program Officers. The funding for this training is supported by Asian Development Bank support to the PECP, DMS, MoH.