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a. Goal
The goal of the CPD Unit is to improve and enhance individual, group and organizational effectiveness through professional development by providing quality and cost effective program and also serve as an alternative source of income for the university.

b. Objectives
The objectives are to:

  • Provide cost effective programs
  • Develop a pool of national experts
  • Develops personal qualities necessary to execute professional and technical duties in an ethical manner
  •  Intended to support future professional development through competency enhancement
  • Maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills required to deliver a professional service to the organization and the nation as a whole
  • Generate income for the university

c. Programs

  • Based on demands from internal and external agencies
  • Programs under this Unit are outside the regular courses offered by the Faculties
  • Short-term trainings which are not more than three months
  • The areas of training are based on health related themes

d. Roles and Responsibilities of the CPD Unit

  • Plan and implement Professional Development programs as per the plan of MECRIT
  • Conduct periodical informal and formal program need/opportunity assessments for professional development.
  • Maintain program files, keep accurate records, and complete reports as necessary.
  • In conjunction with the Director, ensure that the training and professional development recommendations are fully implemented
  • Compile and develop training modules based on the required or proposed training programs
  • Collaborate with experts and professionals in facilitating and implementing assigned professional development workshops, seminars, and programs
  • Ensure that the assigned professional development activities are effectively implemented
  • Plan and review whether professional development activity meets the goal of the CPD Unit
  • Develop an annual report of activities that are facilitated and organized by CPD Unit
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the MECRIT director
  • Facilitate and organize various training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences as and when assigned

 e. Accreditation

  • Any workshops/trainings with regard to Medical Education program should be acknowledged as the outcome MECRIT
  • Any activity that is carried out under the provision of the Medical Education program should be considered as an activity of MECRIT and must be reflected in the APA of  MECRIT.