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Roles and responsibilities of Research unit 

  • Finalizes specific programs and activities with the director
  • Preparation of reports of program activities
  • Co-ordinate and promote collaborative research activities, within the university and outside agencies
  • Prepares annual work plan and budget proposals
  • Ensures effective control and efficient use of resources available
  • Carries out any other task assigned by the Director of MECRIT
  • Create and facilitate enabling environment for research
  • Facilitate university faculty research capacity building
  • Prioritize and plan research activities
  • Organize and facilitate research conferences and seminars
  • Participate in research projects as and when required
  • Conduct periodical needs assessment to identify academic and CPD programs, and research priority to suggest or recommend the university
  • Facilitate in institutional linkages
  • Maintain program files, keep accurate records, and complete reports as necessary.
  • Establishes annual goals for the responsibilities assigned by the Director; plans, directs and reviews training development activities to meet those goals
  • Develops an annual report of activities, participants, assessment results, etc. for the Director of MECRIT and KGUMSB
  • plan and coordinate various research programs, workshops, seminars and conferences