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Medical Education Program
The process by which physicians keep themselves up-to-date is called continuing education. It consists of courses and training opportunities of from a few days to several months in duration, designed to enable physicians to learn new developments within their special areas of concern. Physicians also attend medical and scientific meetings, national and international conferences, discussion groups, and clinical meetings, and they read medical journals and other materials, all of which serve to keep them aware of progress in their chosen field.

a. Goal
The goal of Medical Education is to enhance and update the evolving biomedical, clinical, epidemiological and traditional medicine practices and the application of this knowledge for quality patient safety and care

b. Objectives

  • To be able to learn the creation, dissemination, application, and translation of new health care knowledge and practices
  • To be able to demonstrate an investigatory and analytic approach to clinical situations
  • Apply established and emerging principles of clinical sciences to diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making, clinical problem-solving, and other aspects of evidence-based health care
  • To encourage Faculties to evolve and adapt new innovative teaching strategies
  • To disseminate medical education knowledge and allow diffusion of educational activities.
  • Promote health research and encourage evidence based practice

c. Provisional focal persons from constituent Faculties
   Coordinator: Continual professional development unit (CPD)
1.Two Faculty members from FNPH
2.Two Faculty members from FoPGM
              3.Two Faculty members from FoTM

d. Roles and Responsibilities of the CPD Unit

  • Faculty development not only encompasses Faculty training but also provision of opportunities for research and curriculum development.
  • Ensure both the undergraduate and postgraduate trainings provided is quality assured, competency based and meets the requirements of the relevant regulatory bodies.
  • Supporting a broad range of training programs and complex educational activities, including identification of training opportunities, training the trainers and co-ordination of any activity related to medical education.
  • Ensure the provision of a comprehensive service, responsible for the planning, delivery and evaluation of professional teaching activities, training programs, induction and skills training for trainees.
  • Ensure professional development of the Faculty members and students.
  • Prepare yearly plan in consultation with the focal persons of the respective Faculties  feedback session with Faculties , trainees etc.
  • Ensure necessary resources and funding for the training programs are secured.
  • Conduct quarterly meeting to review and plan the upcoming activities for the next quarter.
  • Propose the required Faculty development trainings based on the feedback and need assessment.
  • Promote health research activities by Faculty and trainees.

 e. ToR for the Medical Education Program

  • Focal Person: Dr.Yoriko Nishizawa, Asst.Professor, FoPGM
  • The Focal Person shall:
  • Plan and arrange a meeting with the focal persons from each Faculties to prepare yearly plan based on the objectives of the Unit.
  • Inform the coordinator for the logistics upon the confirmation received from the Medical Education program members and the date of the meeting .
  • Coordinator:Continual professional development unit ( CPD)
  • The Coordinator shall:
  • Do the logistics which includes arrangement of the hall, Note sheet approval and other necessary inputs upon recieving the confirmtion of the meeting from the focal person
  • Do the follow up on the budget and necessary resources upon the recommendations and decision of the Medical Education program
  • Finalize the budget to carry out any workshops for the Faculty members and students pertaining to medical education program

f. Accreditation

  • Any workshops/trainings with regard to Medical Education program should be acknowledged as the outcome MECRIT
  • Any activity that is carried out under the provision of the Medical Education program should be considered as an activity of MECRIT  and must be reflected in the APA of  MECRIT given the fucntioning of the unit under  the mandate of MECRIT as reflected in the University of Medical Sciences Act of Bhutan 2012 Chapter 6 Article 58 & 59 .